Ever Wondered What Happens With The Garbage Of Mukesh Ambani’s House Antilia?


It is always a huge news when it is about Ambanis. Not only business, but they have achieved every possible goal of a human. Not only Ambani, but his chef’s or driver’s paycheck can make you gawk for an hour! Ambanis have always been creating news headlines, and this time, it will make you go numb!

We all know the Ambani villa  Aka Antilia, which is one of the most costliest houses in this world! Skipping the over maintenance and security of the house, have you ever wondered what happens with the waste of this huge 27-story building?

Most of the answers could relate that “He might have his own dumping ground, or the house doesn’t even gets dirty!” but in real, the Ambanis have a different planning to save environment from this huge mess!

Well, first of all imagine the amount of waste which is produced in this huge building which has its own parking space for like 168 cars and 3 helopads on the terrace, shocked? Also there is a private theater, a swimming pool, a spa room and a dance studio! Not only this, but they have a staff of 600 members to help in maintaining the mansion, also there is a entourage room where the bodyguards and other assistants can relax!

Well, now the question comes, where does all this garbage go? the answer is, the Ambanis use this garbage to create and supply electricity to this huge house. The house is installed with a special mechanism through which the dry and wet waste is seperated, after which electricity is generated for the building!

That is how the Ambanis give a hand in saving environment! 🙂

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