Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra who’s dating shows director had a cozy moment with co-contestant Puneesh


Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial show. Till now, we have seen number of fights in the house. But till now no news of love affair was found in the show. But now, the close relationship between two of the Bigg Boss contestants is making headlines.

Yes, we are talking about Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma, who have entered in the house as commoners.

Well, during last night’s episode, the first two minutes of Bigg Boss saw Bandgi and Puneesh lightly flirting with each other.

Their romance caught every body’s attention when after the lights went off Bandgi lent her hand to Puneesh and asked him to kiss it. Even he didn’t mind and planted a sweet kiss on her hand

Puneesh was seen resting his head on Bandgi’s lap as the two discussed each other’s luck. Since Bandgi was nominated in the previous episode, Puneesh offered to save her by giving his share of luck to her. And he even confessed that if Bandgi left the show, he would have a tough time surviving in the house.

Later in the day, Puneesh was seen requesting contestants to save Bandgi from getting evicted. But both Akash and Arshi refused to vote for Bandgi; Arshi further said that she would not do a thing to save Puneesh’s girl.

We often found them sitting away from the other housemates and talking for hours. Of course, we didn’t jump to conclusions immediately as Bandgi is dating shows director Dennis Nagpal. 

Puneesh and Dennis are close friends. Is Bandgi is cheating on Dennis or it is just a publicity stunt. Well, the time will tell the truth.

Till then stay tuned for all updates!


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